Counter uas definition

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By clicking the "Download button" you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy. These days, anyone with a couple hundred dollars and a little ingenuity can turn a small, commercial drone into a military-grade weapon.

In the past year alone, over nefarious drone incidents and intrusions have been recorded in the media. Dedrone, Worldwide Drone Incidents. Though counter-drone technology is still in its infancy, the growing need for these solutions is clear. However, according to a report by Grand View Research, the drone market is expected to grow by Over the next few years, the DoD will be investing millions into the development, fielding and deployment of the latest counter-drone solutions.

Instead, it looks like the military may be integrating C-UAS into broader programs and focusing on modifying existing air defense solutions Atherton, Kelsey. While was all about acquiring and testing out the first generation of C-UAS, FY20 will be all about synchronizing counter-drone initiatives across the DoD and interoperability.

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That has left civilian air traffic controllers, public safety officials, front-line military commanders and others looking for new and specialized technologies to detect, track and respond to the threat. Our portfolio of sensors and effectors, networked into a command-and-control system, covers the complete counter-UAS mission. Searching the sky for a rogue drone makes finding a needle in a haystack seem simple.

counter uas definition

Raytheon Technologies' mix of advanced sensors puts eyes on target, delivering intelligence and precision guidance. Managing multiple sensors and effectors in the field requires a system that ties everything together. Our flexible, open architecture command-and control-system combines sensors with jamming and cyber effects to take down drones.

Integrates key sensors and effectors with a suite of radio frequency jamming and cyber tools to safely stop or land drones. There's more than one way to down a drone. From hard kills to cyber takeovers, Raytheon Technologies delivers effects tailored to the environment and the threat. Sensors Searching the sky for a rogue drone makes finding a needle in a haystack seem simple. See Products. Learn More.

The DoD's Counter UAS Strategy in 2020 and Beyond

Command and Control Managing multiple sensors and effectors in the field requires a system that ties everything together. Windshear Integrates key sensors and effectors with a suite of radio frequency jamming and cyber tools to safely stop or land drones. Effectors There's more than one way to down a drone. High-energy lasers Delivers an affordable, precise and invisible beam of light to rapidly defeat drones.

Coyote UAS Uses an advanced seeker and warhead to down drones with a drone. Stinger weapon system Offers a missile with a proximity fuse to destroy drones with a direct hit or nearby detonation.Low SWaP sensors, camera systems and effectors combined with outstanding software delivers greater capability at significantly lower costs than incumbent defense contractors.

UASX fits into three ruggedized plastic cases and is lightweight enough to travel as checked luggage. When rapid deployment is necessary, the complete system is unpacked and set up in less than 30 minutes, saving valuable time and resources.

Radars, cameras and effectors are registered with a central hardware component and positioned according to unique requirements of the site. Multiple range capabilities are available to accommodate the needs of small sites and large campuses.

In a new defense paradigm which includes sUAS threats, coverage can no longer be considered in two dimensions alone. Threats that fly at altitude require new thinking and new systems designed from the ground up for detection, identification and defeat in 3D. Solid state radars configured for hemispherical volume coverage and intelligent 3D positioning algorithms are two of many ways UASX pushes this new paradigm forward.

Cockpit integrated command and control and rapidly deployable carbon-fiber mast and sensor payload make for a timely and rugged solution for forward operating bases and remote VVIP applications. Active radars are used to detect UAS positions and provide a constant stream of characteristic data to the AI target classifier which trigger actions, effectors and alarms in the system.

Automatic target classification and video tracking are used for identification, enabling a fully automatic operation or an optional man in the loop to visually confirm craft and payload. Illuminators and lasers are also available to deny imagery capture of sensitive sites. When a UAS operator is charged criminally, forensics data with instant replay showing flight paths, aircraft characteristics and timestamps will ensure successful prosecution.

Video Tracking. Defense OS. Contact Us. Lightweight UASX fits into three ruggedized plastic cases and is lightweight enough to travel as checked luggage. Track, identity and precisely point effectors at remote targets. Learn more about high added value defense solutions for your team.An unmanned aerial vehicle UAV or uncrewed aerial vehicle[2] commonly known as a drone is an aircraft without a human pilot on board and a type of unmanned vehicle. UAVs are a component of an unmanned aircraft system UAS ; which include a UAV, a ground-based controller, and a system of communications between the two.

The flight of UAVs may operate with various degrees of autonomy : either under remote control by a human operator or autonomously by onboard computers.

Compared to crewed aircraft, UAVs were originally used for missions too "dull, dirty or dangerous" [4] for humans. While they originated mostly in military applications, their use is rapidly expanding to commercial, scientific, recreational, agriculturaland other applications, [5] such as policing and surveillance, product deliveriesaerial photographyinfrastructure inspections, smuggling, [6] and drone racing. The term dronemore widely used by the public, was coined in reference to the early remotely-flown target aircraft used for practice firing of a battleship's guns, and the term was first used with the s Fairey Queen and 's de Havilland Queen Bee target aircraft.

It includes elements such as ground control stations, data links and other support equipment. A UAV is defined as a "powered, aerial vehicle that does not carry a human operator, uses aerodynamic forces to provide vehicle lift, can fly autonomously or be piloted remotely, can be expendable or recoverable, and can carry a lethal or nonlethal payload". That being said, UAV is a term that is commonly applied to military use cases. The terms autonomous drone and UAV are often wrongfully used interchangeably.

This could stem from the fact that many UAVs are automated, i. As autonomous drones are not piloted by humans, a ground control system, or communications management software, plays a major role in their operations, and thus they are also considered part of a UAS.

In addition to the software, autonomous drones also employ a host of advanced technologies that allow them to carry out their missions without human intervention, such as cloud computing, computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and thermal sensors. In recent years, autonomous drones have begun to transform various commercial industries as they can fly beyond visual line of sight BVLOS [15] while maximizing production, reducing costs and risks, ensuring site safety, security and regulatory compliance [16]and protecting the human workforce in times of a pandemic.

Under new regulations which came into effect June 1,the term RPAS Remotely Piloted Aircraft System has been adopted by the Canadian Government to mean "a set of configurable elements consisting of a remotely piloted aircraft, its control station, the command and control links and any other system elements required during flight operation".

The relation of UAVs to remote controlled model aircraft is unclear. Some jurisdictions base their definition on size or weight; however, the US Federal Aviation Administration defines any uncrewed flying craft as a UAV regardless of size.

counter uas definition

For recreational uses, a drone as opposed to a UAV is a model aircraft that has first-person video, autonomous capabilities, or both.

The earliest recorded use of an unmanned aerial vehicle for warfighting occurred on July[21] serving as a balloon carrier the precursor to the aircraft carrier [22] in the first offensive use of air power in naval aviation. At least one bomb fell in the city; however, due to the wind changing after launch, most of the balloons missed their target, and some drifted back over Austrian lines and the launching ship Vulcano. UAV innovations started in the early s and originally focused on providing practice targets for training military personnel.

The earliest attempt at a powered UAV was A. Low 's "Aerial Target" in This was initially meant as an uncrewed plane that would carry an explosive payload to a predetermined target.

The first scaled remote piloted vehicle was developed by film star and model-airplane enthusiast Reginald Denny in Nazi Germany produced and used various UAV aircraft during the war. Navy in Inthe U. Air Forceconcerned about losing pilots over hostile territory, began planning for the use of uncrewed aircraft. During the War of Attrition — the first tactical UAVs installed with reconnaissance cameras were first tested by the Israeli intelligence, successfully bringing photos from across the Suez canal.

This was the first time that tactical UAVs, which could be launched and landed on any short runway unlike the heavier jet-based UAVswere developed and tested in battle. MeyerCommander in Chief, Strategic Air Commandstated, "we let the drone do the high-risk flying During the Yom Kippur WarSoviet-supplied surface-to-air missile batteries in Egypt and Syria caused heavy damage to Israeli fighter jets.

counter uas definition

As a result, Israel developed the first UAV with real-time surveillance. With the maturing and miniaturization of applicable technologies in the s and s, interest in UAVs grew within the higher echelons of the U.

Counter-Drone Systems 2018

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Unmanned aerial vehicle

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